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PDC 2006 029.jpg

Studio Loi = Daria Loi

(+/- occasional fellow humans I love working with).

Studio Loi started as an independent way to explore new research, design, and artistic horizons. Explorations take the form of commissioned work, consultancy, pro-bono & random self-generated endeavors.


If you head here, you will see what Studio Loi is inspired by, alongside other playful details, like our fascination with suitcases and love for artistic practice.

In the "news" tab, you will learn about our latest acts, from press and video features to presentations. In "about" and "work", you will get details about Daria's background, projects, appointments, awards, patents, and publications.

Follow our adventures on social media or contact us here.

daria drawing by peter.jpg

drawing: Peter Burrows

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