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InspiringFifty Italy (Named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Tech), 2018

Intel’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Achievement Award (In recognition of work on the Global Board for Intel’s Women at Intel Network), 2018

10 Intel Division Recognition Awards, 1 Intel Client Achievement Award, 6 Intel Spontaneous Recognitions, 2006-2018


RMIT Linkage Grant Award for project "Learning by Design: Creating pedagogical frameworks for knowledge building in the 21st Century", 2005


RMIT Discovery Grant Award for project "Pedagogies for eLearning", 2005


​Best of Conference at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference for the workshop "A Surrealist Encounter: using eccentric objects and odd experiences to foster reflective and collaborative learning", 2002


​Business/Higher Education Round Table (BHERT) Award (For Outstanding Achievement in Collaboration in Education and Training), 2000


​INPS Award for Undergraduate Excellence (incl. Bursary), 1989, 1988, 1887

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