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Throughout my career I led UX innovation & design strategy into numerous programs. Examples not featured visually below:

  • Led 50+ programs to drive go-to-market strategies and products, including reference designs (example 1 and 2), which laid the foundations for Ultrabook systems currently in the market.

  • Designed novel processes (example 1 and 2) to drive fast innovation and enable data-driven decisions and strategy and applied processes to multiple programs, including work that led to products such as XPS12 and Latitude 12 7000.

  • Reimagined the future of TV, enabling customers as well as novel products and interfaces (e.g. Intel Multi-App Framework).

  • Principal Investigator for the Creator-to-Consumer project (new publishing supply chain business models) and the Learning by Design project (digital media and technology in education contexts).

Kid Space (2016-2019)

UX, innovation and design leadership to drive a multi-modal interactive space  for learning through play. The Kid Space system leverages projection technology to provide rich augmented reality experiences and uses distributed sensors to make sense of children movements and intent. The system projects an agent that interacts with the physical space while guiding children through playful activities using conversational techniques.

AI:UX (2017-2018)

Identified opportunities to improve daily life by leveraging AI and Intel technologies and designed ten design guidelines and advanced Intel’s multi-modal sensor fusion and AI agenda and to humanize technology, including a program focused on leveraging AI in aging in place and health/wellness contexts.

Global Touch (2011-2012)

Initiated and led a first of its kind global research program that demonstrated, through an experimental technique, that users spend 77% of time using touchscreens during daily tasks. This work was instrumental for Intel’s touch strategy to drive business growth, resulting in millions marketing funding, ecosystem investment, novel go-to-market strategy, multiple design-wins, and changes to Ultrabook specs (with touch made mandatory for 4th generation Ultrabooks).

North Cape  (2012-2013)

UX Lead on the core design leadership team for the entire program. Conducted numerous user studies to drive the system from concept to end product, including visual perception studies and assessments of OOBE, industrial design, overall usability and software quality. Additionally, was part of the innovation team that created and drove IP of North Cape's Smart Touch feature.

TV, Reinvented (2009-2010)

Reimagined the future of TV, enabling Intel products and novel interfaces, including: MyMedia 3D; Natural UIs use cases; remote controls guidelines; the 1st Canmore demo featuring natural interfaces; and Intel’s Multi-App Framework UIs on CE4100 SoC.


New approaches

Designed and developed novel user centric, agile processes (10x10; heuristics tool) to drive fast innovation cycles and enable data-driven decisions and strategy refinements. I used these techniques in multiple programs that enabled us to bring to market numerous consumer/enterprise products .

Tech Innovation

Created innovative performance technology (Adaptive Performance), docking capability (Docking Station) and display behavior (Smart Frame) for Ultrabook systems – leading to designs wins and IP filing.

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