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I love tinkering and making. Occasionally, I get the unique opportunity to make and display art.

The first example is a 2018 collaboration titled "Progetto in Memoriam" with artist Heather McGeachy.


For this exhibition, at Gallery 114 in Portland Oregon, I created 5 tridimensional pieces, each exploring the notion of "accidental death" and media influence. Each piece focused on events that touched, unsettled or distressed me. 

They were 50 is about the 2016 Pulse shooting in Orlando, Florida.

3 and 1/2 accidents is about famous prescription drugs deaths.

36 fairytales is about Lady Diana's death and life.

About 35% is about the Syrian conflict and its young victims.

Uno.Sole is about prematurely departing fathers, including my own.

A example is another collaboration with artist Heather McGeachy and was showcased at EPIC19, the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference in Providence, Rhode Island (November 9-12, 2019).


The installation, titled "Debris", focused on what is left behind by our daily interactions with non-human agents, providing arts-infused lenses to investigate and help untangle our complex relationships with smart systems. The installation included 8 pieces, alongside physical evidence of the design and ethnographic practice used to ground, inspire, and create them.

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