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Spirit of the Game Foundation - The Impactful Women's Network, International Woman's Week - "Women in Science & Tech" [livestream] 6 March 2023.

Human Centered Innovation: one example from the field. [UX Talk UX for the Opening of the 2nd Edition of the Master in UX Psychology held in collaboration between Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Politecnico di Milano],  21 January 2022.

New Haircut, Activating stakeholders during co-creation workshops, [interview] 1 December 2021.

"Don't Design the Uninvited", Invited Tech Talk, UX Indonesia, July 2020

Unf*cking the internet, pensando esperienze piu' social e umaneDaria Loi [Interview]
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Screenshot by Alike, Unf*ucking the internet, pensando esperience piu' social e umane [podcast], 11 December 2020

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Design Observer, Daruma Doll, The Futures Archive [podcast], Season 1, Episode 8, 9 Dec 2021.

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Podcast in "Dall'Universita' al lavoro", Talents Ventures, 20 July 2020 (Italian)

Plenary, Mozilla All Hands, Berlin Germany, January 2020

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TV feature on RAI Italia's TV program "L'Italia con Voi" (Italian)

Intelligent Systems - FTC18 Interview

AI:UX Series. Episode 2: Ethics and Brand Trust

AI:UX Series. Episode 4: Design socially trusted & trustworthy platforms

AI:UX Series. Episode 6: Design helper usages

AI:UX. Ep. 8: Empower people to achieve unique goals

AI:UX. Ep. 10: Design onboarding mechanisms that grow and evolve

Affrontare la rivoluzione digitale mettendo al centro l'uomo (Italian)

AI:UX Series. Episode 1: Introduction

AI:UX Series. Episode 3: Minimize Intrusion

AI:UX Series. Episode 5: Make machines help humans

AI:UX Series. Episode 7: Serendipitous Design

AI:UX Series. Episode 9: Create diverse educational tools

AI:UX. Ep. 11: Create families of products

AI:UX. Episode 12: Recommendations and takeaways

Developing Hardware & Software Solutions in Responsible Technology - available here

The human side of AI: Affective Computing

From Smart to Intelligent Vehicles Through Affective Computing

User Testing Busts Myths About Touchscreen on Laptops

Affective Computing in the home

Affective Computing in the classroom

Walking in the Field of Rightdoing - Fetzer Global Gathering

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