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Spirit of the Game Foundation - The Impactful Women's Network, International Woman's Week - "Women in Science & Tech" [livestream] 6 March 2023.

New Haircut, Activating stakeholders during co-creation workshops, [interview] 1 December 2021.

Unf*cking the internet, pensando esperienze piu' social e umaneDaria Loi [Interview]
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Screenshot by Alike, Unf*ucking the internet, pensando esperience piu' social e umane [podcast], 11 December 2020

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Podcast in "Dall'Universita' al lavoro", Talents Ventures, 20 July 2020 (Italian)

Human Centered Innovation: one example from the field. [UX Talk UX for the Opening of the 2nd Edition of the Master in UX Psychology held in collaboration between Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Politecnico di Milano],  21 January 2022.

"Don't Design the Uninvited", Invited Tech Talk, UX Indonesia, July 2020

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Design Observer, Daruma Doll, The Futures Archive [podcast], Season 1, Episode 8, 9 Dec 2021.

Plenary, Mozilla All Hands, Berlin Germany, January 2020

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TV feature on RAI Italia's TV program "L'Italia con Voi" (Italian)

Intelligent Systems - FTC18 Interview

AI:UX Series. Episode 2: Ethics and Brand Trust

AI:UX Series. Episode 4: Design socially trusted & trustworthy platforms

AI:UX Series. Episode 6: Design helper usages

AI:UX. Ep. 8: Empower people to achieve unique goals

AI:UX. Ep. 10: Design onboarding mechanisms that grow and evolve

Affrontare la rivoluzione digitale mettendo al centro l'uomo (Italian)

AI:UX Series. Episode 1: Introduction

AI:UX Series. Episode 3: Minimize Intrusion

AI:UX Series. Episode 5: Make machines help humans

AI:UX Series. Episode 7: Serendipitous Design

AI:UX Series. Episode 9: Create diverse educational tools

AI:UX. Ep. 11: Create families of products

AI:UX. Episode 12: Recommendations and takeaways

The human side of AI: Affective Computing

From Smart to Intelligent Vehicles Through Affective Computing

User Testing Busts Myths About Touchscreen on Laptops

Developing Hardware & Software Solutions in Responsible Technology - available here

Affective Computing in the home

Affective Computing in the classroom

Walking in the Field of Rightdoing - Fetzer Global Gathering

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